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Wild Path


AIM Hunting™ is a brand of patented Crosshairs Scope Clocks, Watches, and Thermometers featuring HD images from the best wildlife photographers in the world!

The idea was born one crisp autumn afternoon in Northern Wisconsin. While working surveillance with his private investigations agency, founder John Jacques caught himself staring off into the woods. He thought, 'I'd rather be looking through a rifle scope than staring through the lens of an HD camcorder.' After repeatedly checking the time that day, he realized the face of his watch was similar to that of a rifle scope.... all it needed was an image of a trophy hunt and crosshairs overlay.

That evening, he shared the idea with his wife Jenn, adding, "Wouldn't it be cool if our office clock looked exactly like looking through a rifle scope aimed at a big buck?".

Jenn's immediate answer was, "YES! Now THAT'S an idea we need to run with, Jacques!".

So the idea took shape! Using a coffee mug and a deer hunting magazine, they began to create their unique crosshairs clock concept. The reticle conveniently formed markers for the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock time markings, and photographers were eager to have their photos featured in this revolutionary new hunting product. Design Patents were filed and granted, prototypes were built, and the product was perfected. In the years to come, watches, thermometers, desk clocks, alarm clocks, and carabiner clips were added to the product line as well.


AIM Hunting™ was founded by John Jacques in 2009. John was born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin, where he worked as a State-Licensed Private Investigator from 1990 - 2010 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Jenn Jacques has served as President and CEO of AIM Hunting™ and HD Outdoor Decor since 2010. Jenn was born and raised in Northeastern Wisconsin in a large farming family with rich hunting traditions. She has been a staple in the Second Amendment movement and firearms industry since 2008. Jenn continues to fight to restore and expand 2A and is a fierce advocate of concealed carry.

From 2010-13, the patented crosshairs clock design was licensed exclusively to La Crosse Technology, who successfully introduced the concept to retail, selling to retailers like Bass Pro Shops, Bi-Mart, QVC, and through numerous eCommerce venues.

From 2014-2017, AIM Hunting™ sold direct to retail and added patented outdoor thermometers, selling to Cabela's, Menards, Sportsman's Guide, and through numerous eCommerce venues.

In 2021, Jenn started the process of re-launching AIM Hunting™ with all NEW products featuring crisper images & a fresh design which features the reticle (crosshairs) printed directly on the glass face of all products and more visible silver reflective hands.

​Look for more from AIM & HD Outdoor Decor in 2022 online and at fine retailers like Rural King, Walmart, and Canadian Tire soon!

AIM Hunting™ is a Division of HD Outdoor Decor, LLC and located in Springfield, Missouri.


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HD Outdoor Decor, LLC

AIM Hunting™

2131 W Republic Rd, Suite 186

Springfield, MO 65807


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